Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow CEE-SECR 2016 – Central and Eastern European Software Conference in Russia
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Yuri Panchul

Yuri Panchul

Senior Hardware Design Engineer in MIPS I6400 microprocessor development team

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Acting CEO
Russian Venture Company

Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine

VP Technology Strategy

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Maxim Zaytsev

“Госуслуги.Open”. Does government really need open source projects?

Open source IT projects become more and more trending nowadays. In this report I’ll share our experience of developing and marketing of open source project for state departments and offer the audience to discuss the results we got and decide does government really need open source projects?

Presentation would be useful for:

business owners and project managers who engaged in open source projects for government structures
all who cares of open source projects and…

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Oleg Nenashev

Jenkins 2. How to make a major OSS project release and not break the community?

Jenkins is a one of the most popular automation servers in the world, which is being widely used in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps areas. Even after ten years, the project actively evolves. I’m going to talk about the key focuses in the project and its community after the Jenkins 2 release on April 2016. Which lessons did we learn? What changes should be expected? How does it impact Jenkins admins and common users?

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Alexey Ragozin

Perfomance testing evolution – from basic automation to BDD

This session will cover evolution of performance testing methodology base on experience of few software projects. Starting from basic performance test automation, new challenges were driving evolution of performance testing approach. Well known practices from functional testing were adapted and adopted for for non-functional testing. Using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) for performances testing would be a culmination of evolution path covered by this session.

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