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Accepted presentations

Some proposals will be added after the final decision is made. The authors will be notified individually.

Aleksandr Lazarenko, 970 Anonymity of Tor: myth and reality
Aleksandr Serbul, 575 Semantic – web – highload сontent-based recommendation system real-time Amazon Kinesis/Lucene
Aleksei Kopytov, 596 MySQL’s Strengths for High-Loaded Systems
Aleksei Pimenov, 485 Using Discovery Kanban for Scrum team’s Backlog Management
Ales Zivkovic, 1020 Who Needs Documentation Anyway?
Alex Chistyakov, 1003 Using Hadoop stack to build a cloud VAT declarations revising service
Alex Troshin, 584 The developer is always right: how to conquer the galaxy
Alexandуr Kutsan, 604 How not to crash and burn on Scrum’s fast track of advantages: Scrum team testing organization and optimization when working with public sector customers
Alexander Baykin, 582 How does global corporation stay alive?
Alexander Chisler, 928 Handle with IT Addiction: A Browser Extension for Overcoming Excessive TV-Series Streaming
Alexander Kamkin, 593 Automated Development of Test Program Generators for Microprocessors on the Example of MIPS
Alexander Kataev, 999 Augmented reality markers recognition in real environment (master-class)
Alexander Kolesnikov, 943 How we changed maintenance process for b2b-customers.
Alexander Selyaev, 609 Retrospective small cook book
Alexander Yakovlev, 1006 On the question of the practical application of blockchain in the financial industry.
Alexey Fyodorov, 572 Help your neighbor, or How threads help each other
Alexey Petrov, 940 Acid Test for the DMN Language: Designing a Multi-Agent Intelligent System
Alexey Ragozin, 605 Perfomance testing evolution – from basic automation to BDD
Alexey Vasilyev, 555 Using TOC on the Agile projects
Anastasiya Kugach, 603 Establishing the OKAY Internet Store Automated Testing Process
Andrei Yafimau, 935 Virtualthreading: New computers meta-architecture for direct fine-grained hardware multiprogramming
Andrey Dmitriev, 973 Performance management 101
Andrey Sadovykh, 550 SysML as a Common Integration Platform for Co-Simulations – Example of a Cyber Physical System Design Methodology in Green Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
Andrey Shorin, 653 How does serve 90 mln pictures and keeps drives spinning
Anna Abramova, 583 Structuring of the functional requirements
Anna Severinko, 1023 Open-source projects: howto use, integrate and contribute.
Anton Khritankov, 483 Industrializing Software Product Line Development for Small Companies
Anton Ovchinnikov, 990 In-Stream Processing blueprint: building cloud ready, enterprise grade reliable and scalable, 100% open source service
Anton Semenchenko, 588 Laws of creating IT commands and laws effects for IT projects
Anton Semenchenko, 594 Master class: Metrics in testing – practical use in CIS
Antony Pavlov, 957 Extending MIPSfpga platform with open source tools and IP-blocks
Arthur Huletski, 985 A SLAM Research Framework for ROS
Bezuglyy Dmitry, 1005 Digital Transformation (Technology foresight)
Boris Sedov, 1002 Domain-Specific Programming Technology for Heterogeneous Manycore Platforms
Boris Volfson, 554 Why Agile doesn’t work anymore
Denis Gabidullin, 995 PTP support with FPGA. Fullstack (hardware/software) development.
Denis Ivanov, 952 From requirement specification to developer tasks: how to analyze data and make decisions
Denis Silakov, 580 Container Templates – Virtuozzo Approach
Dmitrii Bezuglyi, 1007 Business Agility and Digital transformation. What, why and how?
Dmitry Kalaev, 1021 How losing $500k turned into a successful business
Dmitry Schitinin, 956 Streaming matching of events
Dmitry Soldatenkov, 949 Current state and future of solutions for develop enterprise cross-platform mobile applications.
Evgenii Anastasiev, 958 Cloud Wolverine: The fastest data recovery
Evgeny Vinogradov, 1004 Machine learning as everyday technology
Felix GV, 983 Fast Online Access to Massive Offline Data at LinkedIn
Grigoriy Pechenkin, 927 Human Factor 3D. How to choose a good approach to requirements development
Igor Odintsov, 986 Application experience of the agile education in information technologies
Igor Sazonov, 558 Moodle LMS from programmer point of view
Igor Suhorukov, 560 How to prevent CNC machine transformation to cartoon heroes “two of the casket”. Let’s use groovy/java to automate CNC
Ilya Kudryavtsev, 951 Teaching digital electronics and microprocessors in a university
Ilya Niklyaev, 993 Fast prototype of UAV control system
Irina Gertovskaya, 1017 Work of the analyst in a dispersed team: problems and decisions
Irina Leshchuk, 1015 Measuring unmeasurable: skills, knowledge and competences
Irina Radchenko, 950 Rising of Citizen Data Science
Irina Vinogradova, 1018 “Sign of quality” as a tool to analyze the customer perception of the product
Ivan Pankov, 1000 Titanic.csv – How to spot the top of an iceberg in the ocean of bugs?
Ivan Perl, 932 Improving tests quality and automatic REST API documentation validation
Kirill Shirokov, 563 Apache Storm from Hello World to implementation details
Konstantin Semenov, 587 Requirements engeneering for contradictory regulations
Ksenia Lobataia, 989 Aspects of KPI deployment or how to prove that your “green” project is really “green”
Kulikov Alexander, 559 Data vizualization
Lilia Sapurina, 552 Developing an Automated Front-End Testing System with Protractor framework
Margarita Titova, 948 Design based on user requirements
Marina Kudinova, 978 Patenting & Open source
Maxim Bukovskiy, 556 Champion League. Scrum in non-product core team
Maxim Dorofeev, 564 Reliable Scrum: iterative development meets fixed deadlines
Maxim Semenkin, 592 IT-laboratory: source of manpower and startups
Maxim Tsepkov, 954 Process and Case Management in software: from support As Is to Busness Development
Maxim Zaytsev, 557 “Госуслуги.Open”. Does government really need open source projects?
Michael Kononov, 577 WPAN for IoT
Mikhail Gromov, 964 The long way to DevOps
Mikhail Ostrogorskiy, 607 DITA-based approach to requirements authoring
Nikita Efimov, 959 How to filter incoming features and wishes keeping in mind your users.
Nikolay Marin, 589 Hyperledger Blockchain Implementation. Lessons Learned
Oleg Nenashev, 1008 Jenkins 2. How to make a major OSS project release and not break the community?
Oleg Steinberg, 982 Fast and accurate restoration of blurred image obtained by rotating the camera
Oleg Vlasenko, 635 Companies and universities teamwork in IT specialists training OR How can an IT company helps universities train specialists for its own benefit? Regional experience
Olga Samarina, 579 Project management office and analysis.
Pavel Boiko, 923 Russian Real-Time Operating System for Microcontrollers Supporting Distributed Applications (RTOS MACS).
Pavel Korotkiy, 1010 Product development based on business problem
Pavel Muzyka, 598 Solving a Rubik’s cube: how to recover the architec-ture description of distributed enterprise system
Pavel Pykhtin, 955 Rewriting no refactoring
Roman Kvartalnov, 1011 How to lead an express-audit of design systems, portals or mobile apps
Ruslan Savvotin, 874 How to establish a design process in a small company?
Sebastiano Armeli, 496 Managing a Software Engineering Team through Servant Leadership
Sergey Evtuhovich, 971 Where analysts are mistaken, and why and how to fight with it?
Sergey Lagutkin, 963 The evolution of computing system’s remote control ideology from PICMG/IPMI to RedFish/OData
Sergey Martynenko, 937 Selection and adaptation methodology for different types of production chain
Sergey Zykov, 966 The Online Evolution: from Early Repositories to State-of-the-Art MOOCs
Svetlana Mukhina, 568 Resistance to change. How to help a team to live through process transformation
Vadim Tsesko, 930 YoctoDB @ Yandex.Classifieds
Valentin Onossovsky, 1022 Light mobile applications – an alternative to traditional ecosystem model?
Vasiliy Zakharov, 600 From first power-on to OS booting: software solutions for hardware issues
Victor Chernogorov, 969 Features of mobile development for connected devices
Victoria Cherkalova, 798 Reasons and example of why open source projects are a next step in collaboration of universities and IT companies.
Victoria Piliptcevich, 573 Frequent mistakes in communications on projects: we call, we correct
Vladimir Prus, 1009 Building C++ Boost, and Boosting C++ Builds
Yegor Bugayenko, 477 Why professional programmers hate Agile?
Yury Mikhailuts, 997 Developing a High-Level Language Compiler for a Computer with Programmable Architecture
Yury Zagorulko, 602 Dealing with forbidden content or how you can secure your hosting business
Zurab Beliy, 925 The Myths and Legends of Java Stream API

Some proposals will be added after the final decision is made. The authors will be notified individually.


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