Application experience of the agile education in information technologies | CEE-SECR 2016 Application experience of the agile education in information technologies – CEE-SECR 2016
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Application experience of the agile education in information technologies

We analyze the history of education, applying the dialectical triad thesis – antithesis – synthesis. Moreover, under the “thesis” we understand “vocational education (mentoring)”, “antithesis” – “European higher education” and policy that recognizes their value, preserving dignity and avoiding deficiencies, becomes a “agile education”. Next, we elaborate on quite a large range of instruments agile education and offer their classification. To illustrate the implementation of agile education, we take a fairly complex area of supercomputer education and detailed information about the use of tools.

Igor Odintsov

Igor Odintsov

RSC Group

Igor Odintsov – head of the Department of research in the Group of companies RSK.

From 2004 to 2015, he worked in Intel’s branch in St. Petersburg. Since 2010 – Manager of University and academic projects of Intel in Russia, and before that led the project to develop a system to support distributed computing Grid Program Intel Environment.

From 1992 to 2004 he worked as technical leader and project Manager in the development of compilers in the company “Elbrus MCST” under contract with “Sun Microsystems, Inc.”.

More than 25 years teaching at the mathematics and mechanics faculty St. Petersburg state University. Igor delivered courses “Operating systems”, “Languages and systems of programming”, “Databases”, “Managing software development”, “Psychology of programming”, etc.

He is an author of the textbook “Professional programming. A systematic approach” and more than 50 publications.


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